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    Ironhouse Sanitary District

    For nearly 75 years, Ironhouse has provided sanitary services for more than 45,000 customers in the Oakley and Bethel Island area.

    The District treats approximately two-million gallons of recycled water every day at its award-winning technologically advanced Water Recycle Facility, located north of Main Street near downtown Oakley.

    Ironhouse's recent awards include:

    • California Water Environment Association’s (CWEA) “Plant of the Year” award
    • California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) “Organizational Excellence”
    • Special District Leadership Foundation’s (SDLF), “District of Distinction Accreditation-Platinum Level” and
    • “District Transparency Certificate of Excellence”,
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    Collection System

    The ISD collection system includes approximately 85 miles of gravity pipeline, 20 miles of pressure pipelines, and 27 pumping stations.

    The current average dry weather wastewater flow for the ISD service area is 2.15 mgd. Projected average and wet weather flows to the plant are 8.63 and 10.7 mgd, respectively.

    Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) 

    Operating since 2011, ISD built a state-of-the-art greenfield Wastewater Recycling Facility featuring multiple treatment processes including anoxic/aeration basins, membrane filtration and ultraviolet disinfection. A long-distance discharge pipeline ending at an effluent diffuser pipeline is submerged deep in the San Joaquin River.

    The District treats and recycles approximately 2 million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater to recycled water standards with a capacity to treat 4.3 million gallons a day, creating a product that is safe to return to the environment and safe to reuse for irrigation.

    Jersey Island and RD 830

    Jersey Island is owned and operated by Ironhouse Sanitary District.

    Jersey Island sits right on the outskirts of Oakley and consists of approximately 3,200 acres and 16 miles of levees located next to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

    Ironhouse's recycled water was formerly sent to Jersey Island to 450 acres of irrigated fields, growing 2,000 tons of hay per year. Part of the hay is fed to approximately 2,200 head of cattle owned by Ironhouse. The rest is sold to feedlots in the Central Valley and local ranches. Ironhouse leases property on Jersey Island for natural gas wells.

    At the turn of the century, the island was a small farming community run by a corporation owned by the Halsey family, that produced mostly asparagus. On March 11, 1911, California State Act 2966h created the reclamation district to be called Reclamation District No. 830. 

    Reclamation District (RD) 830  is charged with maintaining the levees and other structural protections to maintain the integrity of the island. 

    Reclamation District (RD) 830 is led by ISD Staff.